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At the Pipal Tree, our menu is split into two; one being traditional authentic Punjabi dishes coming from North of India, Hoshiarpur, Amritsar Punjab. The traditional Punjabi dishes are my families, with being brought up in Punjab, the dishes they grew up with are authentic, with recipes handed down from generations therefore creating delectable and exotic home-cooked meals. The other side being 'Fusion' when my family came to the UK in 1954, the ingredients were limited, giving my parents the alternative of making their own version of Punjabi dishes, with that unique twist. I then furthered my skills with being a chef for over 25 years, which resulted in me creating own fusion dishes. These dishes are put on the menu seasonally, making sure our menu is fresh and innovated; generating the feel we like to give in our family restaurant is that you are coming to my parents house to dine with our home cooked rustic style of food.

About us...

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